Choosing The Right Water Tank Pump

Choosing The Right Water Tank Pump
The two primary components in an effective rainwater harvesting and re-use system are the tank that captures your rainwater and the pressure pump that will deliver it to where you would like to use it. Whilst peripherals such as first flush diverters and leaf guards are handy, it’s crucial to get your choice of tank and pump right in order to enjoy the full benefits of an effective rainwater harvesting and re-use system.

In this article, we'd like to share with you the key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the best pump for your needs.

First and foremost, the pump you select must be able to comfortably deliver your rainwater from your tank to all of the outlets required, providing the water pressure that you find satisfactory. 

Key questions to consider include:
1. How many outlets (eg, taps, hoses, sprinklers, washing machines, toilet cisterns and the like) will the pump be required to service?
2. How many of the outlets could be operating simultaneously?
3. What is the furthest distance from the rainwater tank/pump that the water needs to be pumped to, and is there an incline or decline involved?
4. Are there any outlets that require a higher than average amount of water pressure in order to operate effectively (e.g. pop-up sprinklers)?
5. Is the noise generated by the pump a concern? For example, will the pump be located close to a bedroom window (yours or perhaps your neighbour’s)?

The friendly Blue Heeler Tanks team will gladly take the time to work through questions such as the above, assessing your needs thoroughly, before presenting you with suitable pump options.

All pumps are not created equal! As well as the performance capabilities (e.g. flow rates and maximum head of a pump), it’s important to consider the track record, or reputation, of the brand of pump, in general, and the model of pump, in particular, that you’re considering. Whilst there is a healthy number of quality pump manufacturers operating in the Australian market place, there are, unfortunately, those of questionable reputation. 

As you’ll be relying on your pump to support your water needs on a constant, probably daily, basis, it makes sense to invest the time to assess the proven merits of the brand and model of pump you’re contemplating. 

After careful research, we chose to partner with three of Australia's most reputable pump brands, being Bianco, Bromic and DAB. All three have outstanding track records for providing the very best quality pumps that represent value for your hard earned money.

Choosing a pump that meets your performance criteria, with a proven reputation will ensure that you're more than satisfied with your overall rainwater harvesting and re-use system for many years to come.

For further information on your particular water pump requirement, please don't hesitate to contact The Blue Heeler Tanks team. We're here to help.
Blue Heeler Tanks partners with six of Australia's most trusted water pump brands: Bianco, Bromic, DAN, Hyjet, Reefe and Zenox.
From a general purpose yard pump to 'all-of-home' applications, the expert Blue Heeler Tanks team can provide you with the best possible water pump options.

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